HEE WING T1 Ranger Twin Motor Fixed Wing VTOL PNP FX-405 Flight Controller

  • $434.00

HEE WING T1 Ranger Twin Motor Fixed Wing VTOL PNP FX-405 Flight Controller (Ardupilot) + GPS + PMU 


  • Brand: Hee Wing
  • Model: T1 Ranger VTOL - PNP
  • Version: With Flight Controller
  • Color: Gray
  • Wingspan: 730mm
  • Length: 645mm
  • Height: 140mm
  • Motor: FX-1806-2000KV Brushless
  • ESC : FX-25A Brushless
  • Propeller : 5126
  • Servo : FX-7g
  • Recommended Battery: 4S 1300mAh - 3500mAh (not included)
  • Takeoff Weight: 600g to 750gram
  • Fuselage Size: 245m(L) x 51mm(W) x 48mm(H)
  • Minimum Speed: <20km/h
  • Maximum Speed: >120km/h
  • Maximum Range: > 25km
  • Maximum Cruise Time: > 65min
  • Package Dimension: 400mm x 230mm x 155mm


  1. Small, lightweight and portable at 730mm wingspan
  2. Quick disassembly design. Assemble and disassemble for transportion in a minute
  3. VTOL - Vertical Take Off and Landing
  4. Superb aerodynamic design. Stable at low speed
  5. Large internal space to carry battery and electronics with high flexibility to achieve the best CG
  6. Front and rear hatch for maximum flexibility organising your electronics
  7. Dedicated front FPV camera mount
  8. White foam is now the same high dense version as Gray foam
  9. New revised air intake for better cooling
  10. Easily detachable main wings reduce damage during a crash

Requires your own/not included:

  • Radio - Minimum 5 channels.
  • Receiver - Minimum 5 channels. 
  • Battery: 4S 1300mAh - 5000mAh or 150-250gram *recommended
  • Charger: supports up to 4S LiPo charging


  • VTOL parameters preloaded are for reference only. Fly at your own risk. We are not responsible for any issue arise from this such as crashing. You may adjust the parameters accordingly. 
  • each of your main wings, tail and fuselage are individually box within the external shipping box for maximum protection during shipping
  • VTOL must be powered on 4S, not lower.
  • to ensure a great first experience with your T1 VTOL PNP, check out the notes on the instruction page before flight

PNP With Flight Controller Version Included:

  • 1x HEE WING T1 Ranger VTOL PNP- Preinstalled 
  • 3x FX1806 2000KV Motor
  • 3x FX25A ESC
  • 3x 7g Digital Metal Gear Servo 
  • 2x Metal Gear Tilt Servo
  • 3x 5126 propellers
  • 1x GPS Module
  • 1x FX-405 Flight Controller
  • Quick Release Wiring Plug for the Main Wings.
  • F405 based VTOL Flight Controller specially customized for Hee Wing RC with much smaller form factor. Pre-loaded with VTOL parameters.
  • Note: Transmitter, receiver, battery, charger and glue are not included.