AIRWOOD Cubee Standard Drone Kit

  • $81.00

AIRWOOD Cubee Standard Drone Kit

Airwood is a modular wooden drone that you can build completely from scratch, to the remote control. Cubee is the model of the 4 with the most stable flight. Enjoy it by piloting it or programming it!

  • Build, pilot and program your own DIY drone!

Airwood is an affordable modular drone that mounts like a puzzle of pieces of wood, without the need for nails or glue.

  • Ecological and easy to use

Airwood was conceived to enjoy a complete learning process: Create, modify and fix the drone with your hands, program it and observe the behavioral differences with each modification. The pieces are made of very light recyclable wood that you can customize to your liking.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Airwood is equipped with advanced stable flight technologies, real-time transmission and even 720P HD camera (optional). Airwood stays perfectly without drift, maintaining both the position and altitude at the exact point you order . You can set distance and height limits to keep your flights within a safe range. If you order him to fly beyond the established limits, the drone will not depart once he reaches them. And if the signal is lost with the aircraft it is able to return to its initial starting point.

It has 9 flight modes: Depending on whether you are going to use it in initiation, competition or programming mode, Airwood adapts its maximum speed, movement sensitivity, orientation, indoor or outdoor flight.

Return in one click: Airwood can automatically return to its home location with a single click.

  • Easy to assemble

You don't have to be a drone engineer to assemble your Airwood, just follow the step-by-step instructions: remove the parts, assemble them and install a flight control module.

DIY Remote Control: Also mount your own remote control. The remote control is the same lightweight material as the drone parts.

  • 4 different models

Airwood is offered in 4 different designs. This model, the "CUBEE", is the most stable and suitable for aerial photography. You can add the Airwood 720P HD Camera (optional)