CADDX Tarsier V2 4K Dual Lens FPV Camera

  • $86.00

Caddx Tarsier V2 4K Dual Lens FPV Camera

Next-generation FPV technology has arrived by the way of Caddx. The unique-looking Tarsier V2 is a dual-camera solution for both your FPV feed and HD recording. While many HD FPV cameras exist, sharing both jobs of providing FPV video as well as HD recording caused both systems to perform less than efficiently.

With the Tarsier, the job is split between two separate cameras, each specialized for their respective tasks, resulting in low latency FPV video as well as clarified 4k video.

The Tarsier V2 features WiFi capability to enable viewing your live image on your smartphone via the Caddx app. This app also allows the user to change camera parameters wirelessly as well!