EMAX CineHawk HD O3 Air Unit 3.5 Inch CineWhoop 4S FPV Drone

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EMAX CineHawk HD O3 Air Unit 3.5 Inch CineWhoop 4S FPV Drone PNP BNF ELRS

EMAX is happy to announce a new product in the cinewhoop market that has been a culmination of EMAX’s years of experience with high quality flight performance and user feedback provided over the development period. This new product is called the EMAX Cinehawk!

The Cinehawk is the first ever cinewhoop from EMAX and using the DJI O3 Air Unit we have found this to be a high performing video capturing solution and moved forward with designing a ducted 3.5” cinematic use drone around the platform. The O3 Air Unit needed some special design care to get the greatest possible image out of the built in camera, while maintaining a stable enough platform to mount a GoPro if the pilot desires.

There are some great features we would like to highlight so you have a better understanding of the product for your market research:

1. In order to minimize vibrations and offer the smoothest video possible, the entire O3 Air Unit and camera is on a set of dampeners, giving the gyroscope for Rocksteady the cleanest information possible. This helps the Rocksteady footage have better stabilization than competitors.

2. Similar to the Tinyhawk, Cinehawk has the props and motors upside down, making the drone more efficient and quieter, with longer flight time while providing clean ducted air.

3. Optional 3D printed parts will be available for those who want to use the Cinehawk to carry a GoPro or other action camera on the dampened VTX mount.

4. Comes in offerings of DJI BNF or ExpressLRS as is becoming standard with new EMAX models.

5. 850mAh 4S XT30 is the suggested battery size and what it is tuned around for the best performance. Other batteries may be used for longer flight times if a GoPro is being mounted.

6. Cinehawk uses ECO II 2004 motors on the Avan 3.5” props for maximum low end torque to carry heavier payloads while maintaining response for proximity flight.

For years EMAX engineers have spent time perfecting FPV platforms for performance and utility, with all those experiences culminating into the new Cinehawk, our first cinema dedicated FPV drone.

In partnership with DJI, the Cinehawk features a crisp 4k video feed with zero latency, enabling video capture in high speed scenarios such as action sports, motor sports, and more. Built into the DJI FPV system is Rocksteady Video Stabilization, enabling smooth video recording straight out of the camera.

A common problem plaguing modern cinema drones is the brittleness of plastics and other materials. This is why our engineers opted for more durability by utilizing aircraft grade carbon fiber, maximizing the strength to weight ratio, allowing the Cinehawk to fly faster, be more nimble, and have more control than any other cinema drone in its class. The skeleton style drone frame draws heavy influence from professional acrobatic drones, allowing serviceability and modularity to be a key aspect in keeping the Cinehawk futureproofed and repairable.

Powered by high performance brushless 2004 (twenty-oh-four) motors, maximum thrust is achieved allowing the Cinehawk to carry additional payloads such as Action Cameras, larger power sources, and more, while still retaining capabilities for difficult flight environments. All of this performance is achieved while still remaining under 250 grams with an appropriately sized power source.

Based upon Betaflight, an Open Source drone operating system, constant new features within the community are added, allowing the Cinehawk to stay up to date and relevant in the years to come. Being on such an open system allows a new world of customizability encouraging film-makers and content creators to adjust characteristics and features to their production needs. Adding modules like GPS, personalized lighting, and more are easily achievable.

Designed into the Cinehawk is the new Open Source radio system, ELRS. With a universal system, users are no longer locked to brand specific radio controllers, but instead opens a new world in customizability for any cinematic needs. By utilizing ELRS, long range and signal penetration is achieved, while also allowing the potential for future performance upgrades, further futureproofing the Cinehawk into a reliable cinema drone.

The Cinehawk is the culmination of serviceability, reliability, and performance, to enable creators the necessary freedom to capture cinematic level FPV video.