Flywoo Venom H20 DJI Caddx Vista Polar Nano HD System 2 Inch Mini FPV Drone

  • $361.00

Flywoo Venom H20 DJI Caddx Vista Polar Nano HD System 2 Inch Mini FPV Drone Include Spider Web Propeller Guards BNF ELRS 2.4G

Warning: Since Venom H20 is very fast, please make sure to install the propeller screws

Flywoo has always strived to push the boundaries of carrying a camera on the smallest platform. We designed the Firefly Baby quad and Firefly Hex nano. Now we are proud to announce that Venom H20 is here! This design is inspired by XMFPV!
The Venom H20 will push the boundaries again, and at the same time will be the fastest 2-inch drone!



  • 2 inch mini drones, but most powerful. Can carry Gopro 10 bones and DJI Action 2
  • The fastest 2-inch drone, with a speed of 120km/h~140km/h
  • Built-in Flywoo Action Camera power cord, and adapt to a variety of action cameras
  • Efficient power configuration enables Venom H20 to fly stably, with low noise, and with a long flight time of up to 8.40 minutes.
  • Naked vista comes without the heatsink casing attached, eliminating about 10g of weight
    (Note:1. Naked vista has been activated and upgraded to the latest version, in order to avoid damage caused by upgrade failure. So you don't need to upgrade again.
    2. Removal of the heat sink eliminates weight, but may cause overheating of the unit. Please be cautious when flying and once your battery is connected, fly immediately. The airflow will keep the unit cool.)
  • The lightweight 2-inch quad below 250g even if you connect with the battery, meet the current requested of FAA rules.



  • Weight: 97g (without battery)
  • FC & ESC : GOKU HEX F745 16*16 STACK 
  • Frame:  Venom DJI HD Frame kit
  • Motors: NIN V2 1203PRO 48500Kv
  • Props: Gemfan D51 -5
  • HD digital camera & VTX: Caddx Polar Nano HD System
  • Flight Time : 
    Explorer 4S HV 450mAh ( 6.30mins) 
    Explorer 4S HV 750mAh battery (8.40mins)



  • 1x Prebuilt and tested Venom H20 Hexacopter 
  • 4x D51-5 Props (Pairs)
  • 2x Battery Strap
  • 1x Hardware Set
  • 6 x spider web prop guard