FrSky VANTAC Portable Soldering Iron DCS 01A

  • $50.00

FrSky VANTAC Portable Soldering Iron DCS 01A


  • A variety of power supply options are available (Such as USB power supply, power bank, car power supply, adapter, 2S-6S RC battery, etc.)
  • Different voltage and power for your choice
  • Adopting the T8 series plug in&out integral soldering tip, quick and convenient to replace
  • The high-temperature sleeve is made of special materials and heat-insulating technology. The handler is not hot and comfortable to hold.
  • The handle button adopts the embedded design button, which is firm and does not fall off, feels comfortable and operates freely.
  • With the anti-reverse connection protection function.
  • You can set the sleep time period freely (1~30min). The sleep temperature drops to 80℃. If you do not use this soldering iron for 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down.
  • Small volume. Three-key design, strong function.
  • Recovery temperature is extremely fast, when the voltage reaches 24V, the temperature rises quickly, and the tin can be melted in 3 seconds.
  • Quality heating element. Ultra strong platinum temperature sensitivity.
  • Two kinds of temperature show models. (Celsius ℃, Fahrenheit℉).
  • Complement value through microcomputer temperature. Error margin less than ± 5℃.
  • LED display. Content is clear at a glance.
  • The handle is made of special high-temperature resistant material, ESD antistatic treatment.
  • Professional (function password lock, sleep function, with T8M series soldering iron head)


  • Size: 102x30x183mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Soldering tip: T8 Series
  • Temperature Compensation: -50℃ ~50℃
  • Temperature Range: 80~450℃ (176~842℉)
  • Sleep Time: 1~30Min
  • High-temperature resistance set of head: GP9
  • Voltage Range: DC5V≥2.1A~24V


  • 1x Soldering iron 
  • 1x Patch cord 
  • 1x Soldering iron stand 
  • 1x Small hexagon wrench 
  • 1x User manual 
  • 1x Guarantee certificate