GEPRC TinyRadio ELRS Remote Controller

  • $74.00

GEPRC TinyRadio ELRS Remote Controller 8 Channels Transmitter Mode 2 Combo 2.4G

TinyRadio ELRS Remote Controller is a new generation remote control system developed based on the ExpressLRS open source project. ExpressLRS sets new standartds for long-range connection, low latency and Maximum refresh rate of 500Hz.

TinyRadio adopts a simplified design to minimize the difficulty of use. Ergonomic design, more comfortable to hold.Built-in ELRS module, available in 915/868MHz and 2.4GHz versions, adjustable power of up to 500mW with replaceable antenna design, the remote control distance can reach more than 2KM under ideal conditions.Support upgrade remote control firmware through USB interface, and can upgrade ELRS module firmware through WIFI,Supports wireless connection to computer drone simulator via bluetooth. It supports two 18650 batteries for ultra-long battery life. 8 low latency channels can meet most of the needs of beginners and professionals.

(Notes:An antenna must be installed before Power On!)



  • Size:147*135*71mm(Not including antenna)
  • Weight:223g
  • Adapted Drone Type: Multirotor, Airplane
  • Frequency band:915MHz FCC /868MHz EU /2.4GHz ISM
  • Input voltage:6.6-8.4V
  • Antenna interface:SMA
  • Power:100/250/500mW
  • Channel:8 channel
  • Charging interface:USB-C
  • Firmware upgrade:support
  • Bluetooth joystick:support



  1. Built-in ELRS 915MHz/2.4GHz
  2. Functional “less is more” design,Easy to carry
  3. 2KM+ flight range(subject to the environment)
  4. 500mW adjustable power
  5. 8 super low latency channels
  6. Replaceable antenna
  7. Two replaceable 18650 batteries
  8.  Support USB-C charging
  9. Custom remote control system
  10. Fully compatible with drone simulators


TinyRadio Remote Controller Diagram

Battery installation

Open the bottom battery cover and insert two 18650 batteries or a 2S battery.(not included)



  1. Ensure the polarity symbols on the batteries match the symbols inside the battery compartment.
  2. Do not mix new and old batteries.
  3. Do not mix different types of batteries.


Power ON/OFF

Long press the power button of the remote control for 2 seconds in the off state, and release the power button after the remote control vibrates, while the red LED lights up, the remote control is successfully powered on.

Long press the power button of the remote control for 2 seconds in the power on state, when the LED light goes out, the remote control is turn off successfully.



In the off state, long press the BIND button on the back of the remote control to turn it on . When the indicator light turns flashing, the remote control enters the binding status.

The binding status will last for 5 seconds, there will be no feedback when the binding is successful, and it will automatically exit the binding status after 5 seconds. Check whether the remote control is in binded with the receiver. If not, please repeat the binding operation.


Joystick Calibration

With the joystick back in the center and the throttle lever in the lowest position, long press the SETUP button on the back of the remote control for 4 seconds, and when the remote control vibrates and the buzzer beeps sound, the calibration is complete.


Power switching

First long press the BIND button, then short press the SETUP button for 1 second, the 100/250/500mW power can be switched cyclically, and the current high performance Radio control link power can be observed through the indicator light.


WIFI mode

In the off state, long press the SETUP button to turn it on, and when the indicator light turns into quickly flashing runing led,  it will enter the WIFI update mode, and the ELRS high performance Radio control link firmware can be updated.


Bluetooth joystick

In the off state, long press the BIND and SETUP buttons at the same time to turn on the device. When the indicator light turns into a slowly flashing running led,                          it will enter the Bluetooth simulator mode, and you can connect to the computer drone simulator to practice.



Plug in the USB-C cable in the off state, it will be in the charging state when the remote control indicator turns blue,and the indicator light will automatically turn off after charging is completed.




  • 1x TinyRadio
  • 1x 18650 tray
  • 1x Instruction manual
  • 1x Storage Case For TinyRadio

Note: Batteries Not Included.