ISDT BattAir BAP6 Plugin 5-6S

  • $5.00

ISDT BattAir BAP6 Plugin 5-6S

Smart with Chargers

The BattAir-Supported charger can automatically recognizes battery parameters, monitors the charging status in real time.
Safe and convenient.

Currently, BattAir-Supported chargers are Air8, K4 and K2Air


Image all batteries are on your phone

In BattAir APP, you can view the power level, set and manage battery parameters, view battery usage records to stay with battery’s health information. You can also upgrade the firmware via OTA and so on, which gives you even more control.


More designs for you

  • XH2.54 Universal port
  • Fully compatible with existing balance port structure, just plug it in.
  • Press and Show
  • Buckle structure design
  • Plug&Play


LED functions:

  • APP Connected
  • Discharging
  • Power > 90%
  • 20% < Power < 90%
  • Power < 20%
  • BattAir Plugin is not initialized
  • BattAir Plugin is not calibrated/Error
  • Firmware upgrading