RadioMaster AG01 MINI CNC Hall Gimbals Set For ZORRO TX12

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RadioMaster AG01 MINI CNC Hall Gimbals Set For ZORRO TX12

The long-awaited AG01 Mini is finally here! Custom designed for the RadioMaster Zorro and TX12, these gimbals allow for unparalleled precision and stick feel.
From the aviation-grade aluminium construction, non-contact hall sensors, and pre-installed Sticky360 Mini Gimbal Sticks, be prepared to revolutionize your compact radio experience!

Key Features

  • Made with CNC processed aviation grade aluminum.
  • Sticky360 Mini Gimbal Sticks as standard.
  • Non contact hall sensors for accurate control inputs and precise centering.
  • Quad precision bearings for unparalleled stick feel.
  • Adjustable vertical travel angle (Min. 38°, Max. 54°).
  • Custom designed for RadioMaster Zorro & TX12.



  • Name: AG01 Mini CNC Hall Gimbal 
  • Sensor type: Hall Sensor
  • Working voltage: DC 3.3V
  • Linearity: Real-time (No delay)
  • Adjustable vertical travel range: 38°—54°
  • Self-centering adjustment: Yes 
  • Easy mode adjustment
  • Adjustable tension & ratchet: Yes
  • Quad bearing: Yes
  • Temperature range: -20°C-85°C
  • Size: 49*42*48mm
  • Weight: 42g(±0.3g)



  • 2x AG01 Mini Hall CNC Gimbal (1x Throttle + 1x Centering)
  • 2x Hex tool
  • 8x Installation screw
  • 2x Spare normal tension spring
  • 2x Throttle tension screw 

Installation for Zorro & TX12 

The AG01 Mini gimbals are shipped as self-centering by default and are compatible with both the Zorro and TX12 Radios. 


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