RadioMaster Bandit BR3 ExpressLRS 915MHz ELRS TCXO Receiver

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RadioMaster Bandit BR3 ExpressLRS 915MHz ELRS TCXO Receiver

The RadioMaster Bandit BR3 Expresslrs Receiver features a built-in TCXO (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator) which ensures reliable, stable, and accurate signal reception for superior performance in demanding environments. Utilizing 0402 components, the BR3 ExpressLRS receiver also features superior resistance to vibration.

Bandit BR3 Expresslrs Receiver features a huge 500mw of telemetry output making it ideal for long range applications. The ESP8285 MCU and SX1276 RF chip are renowned for low latency, high sensitivity and exceptional long-range performance. The included T Antenna is optimized for long range performance.

Due to the low-latency and high-refresh-rate RF module, the Bandit BR3 Expresslrs Receiver is ideal for FPV freestyle or Long Range.


  • Maximum 500mW telemetry RF power
  • Built-in TCXO oscillator
  • Utilizing 0402 components, superior resistance to vibration
  • Dual 915/868MHz T Antenna for improved signal stability and range



  • Item: Bandit BR3 ExpressLRS Receiver
  • Regulatory Domain: FCC915
  • MCU: ESP8285
  • RF Chip: SEMTECH SX1276
  • Telemetry RF power: 100mW - 500mW LUA Adjustable
  • Antenna: 915/868MHz T Antenna
  • Antenna Interface: IPEX1
  • Bus Interface: CRSF
  • Working Voltage: DC 5.0V
  • Dimension: 24*14.2mm
  • Weight: 5.5g (with antennas)

Package Includes

  • 1x Bandit BR3 Expresslrs Receiver
  • 2x T Antenna (Installed on Receiver)
  • 3x Receiver Shrink Tube Sleeves
  • 1x CRSF Wire
  • 1x Manual

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