SkyStars RC F722 HD II WiFi Flight Controller + KO45 45A 4IN1 ESC Stack 30.5x30.5mm

  • $80.00

SkyStars RC F722 HD II WiFi Flight Controller + KO45 45A 4IN1 ESC Stack 30.5x30.5mm

This stack includes the Skystars RC F722HDII w/WiFI F7 Flight Controller with the KO45 45A BLHeli_32 4-In-1 ESC. A fantastic combo for those looking for performance and features.

The Skystars RC F722HDII WiFi Flight Controller features an F7 MCU, MPU6000 IMU, barometer, Betaflight OSD, 6 hardware UARTS, and a WiFi chip for easy setup out in the field using the Speedy Bee App on your phone (use target SKYSTARS F7).

The Skystars RC KO45 is a 45A 4-In-1 BLHeli_32 ESC with all the latest features found in modern speed controllers. This ESC offers smooth performance and great durability.

Great performing, and amazingly useful WiFi features makes this a great choice. No longer do you need to drag your laptop to the field.



Skystars F722HDII Flight Controller

  • MCU: STM32F722RGT6 216MHz 32BIT
  • IMU: MPU6000 (SPI)
  • Barometer: Yes
  • OSD: Betaflight OSD & DJI HD OSD (UART6)
  • 6 hardware UARTS (UART1,2,3,4,5,6,)
  • Blackbox: 8MB
  • LED indicator: Blue for FC Status,Green 9V,Red 5V
  • WIFI: SpeedyBee APP target name SKYSTARS F7
  • Input voltage: 3-6S LiPo(11.1V~25V)
  • LED Controller: 4 corner LED interface to support BF led
  • RSSI Pad: YES
  • Buzzer Pad: YES
  • CURR Pad: YES
  • Smartaudio: YES
  • BEC 5V 2.5A & 10V 2.5A(Max 3A)
  • Firmware: SKYSTARS F7HDPRO
  • Dimensions: 38.5x40x6.2mm
  • Mounting Holes: Standard 30.5mm square to center of holes
  • Weight: 6.6g

Skystars KO45 4-In-1 BLHeli_32 ESC

  • Dimension: 41*46mm
  • Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm/¦µ3mm
  • Weight:13.3g
  • Supports 3-6S Lipo input
  • BB21 MCU, 48Mhz Runs BLHELI 16.X Firmware
  • Current sensor: YES
  • BEC: NO
  • Supports: DShot DShot150/300/600/MultiShot/ OneShot etc.
  • Target: Q-H-30 BLS 16.7
  • MOS tube model is QN3019M6



  • 1x Skystars RC F722HDII w/WiFi Flight Controller
  • 1x Skystars RC KO45 4-In-1 45A BLHeli_32 ESC