Sub250 DollyFly25 HD O3 DJI 2.5 Inch 4S CineWhoop FPV Drone

  • $514.00
O3 HD PNP (DJI Remote 2 Compatible)
O3 HD PNP (DJI Remote 2 Compatible)



Sub250 DollyFly25 HD O3 DJI 2.5 Inch 4S CineWhoop FPV Drone PNP BNF ELRS

Welcome to the new era of Cinewhoop drones with Sub250's latest innovation - the DollyFly25. Combining advanced technology, creative design, and superior visuals with the DJI O3 Air Unit; a modular top plate for versatile shooting needs; and an innovative four-point suspension system for steady, clear footage. Its lightweight design and high-performance motor offer unrestricted, thrilling flights. With DollyFly25, craft extraordinary flying narratives.


Innovation in Flight, Precision in Every Shot: 

  • DJI O3 Air Unit Integration: Captures the world in remarkable 4K quality, ensuring excellence in every flight.
  • Modular Top Plate Design: Easily switch between GoPro and GPS mounts, enhancing aerodynamics.
  • Advanced Damping System: Delivers ultra-smooth footage, on par with professional stabilizers.
  • Customizable Protection Frame: The TPU material and hollow design offer both protection and the option for LED embellishments ( Not Included).
  • Lightweight Compliance: At just 249g, it freely flies under the 250g regulatory limit.
  • Performance-Driven Motor and Battery: Equipped with a 1404 motor and high-capacity 4S 720mAh 100C battery for robust power and endurance, ensuring an exhilarating flight experience.


    Basic Specifications:

    • Wheelbase Size: 120mm
    • Camera & Video Transmission: DJI O3 Air Unit (Included)
    • Motor: Sub250 1404 (Included)
    • Propeller: HQ DT63MMX3 V2 
    • Flight Controller: Sub250 Redfox A3 35A (Included)
    • MCU: STM32F722
    • IMU: ICM42688-P
    • Battery: Sub250 720mAh (Not Included)
    • Body Weight: 180g
    • Flight Weight: 249g
    • Maximum Battery Life: 8m30s
    • Flight Controller Firmware: Betaflight 4.4.3
    • BF Target: SUB250REDFOXF722AIO


    Package Contents:

    • 1x DollyFly25 CineWhoop
    • 1x Set of HQ DT63MMX3 V2 Propellers
    • 1x DJI Air Unit Instruction Manual
    • 1x Sub250 Brand Sticker
    • 1x 15mm*150mm Non-slip Battery Strap
    • 1x Non-slip Battery Adhesive Pad
    • 1x TPU Printed GPS Mount
    • 1x TPU Printed Universal Mount
    • 1x UV Protection Lens
    • 4x Shock Absorption Balls
    • 1x SH1.25-4P Wiring Harness
    • 1x Spare Screw Accessory Pack