TATTU R-Line 5100mAh 6S 95C 22.2V LiPo Battery AS150 [DG]

  • $130.00

TATTU R-Line 5100mAh 6S 95C 22.2V LiPo Battery AS150

Gens Ace batteries provide high-quality, reliable power for your Multirotor or Aircraft.

The 6S 22.2V 5100mAh LiPO battery pack is a great choice for X Class, Large Helis and Planes. This battery packs a ton of power in a compact form factor, giving you the flight time you need on your craft.



  • Capacity (mAh): 5100
  • Voltage (V): 22.2
  • Discharge Rate (C): 95
  • Max Burst Discharge: 190C
  • Configuration: 6S1P 
  • Net Weight (±40g): 868g
  • Length (±5mm): 150mm
  • Width (±2mm): 50mm
  • Height (±2mm): 55mm
  • Connector Type: AS150 
  • Wire Gauge: 10AWG
  • Wire Length (mm): 120mm
  • Balance Connector Type: JST-XH
  • Charge Rate: 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max
  • Balancer Wire Length(mm) 75mm


 Lipo Battery Safety 

  • Batteries should NEVER be left unattended while charging.
  • Be absolutely sure that the Lithium Polymer charger settings are correct for the battery pack being charged – both voltage and current settings.
  • Lithium Polymer must be CHARGED and STORED in a fire-safe container like a Lipo Sack.
  • Do not charge batteries near flammable items or liquids.
  • Keep a dry fire extinguisher nearby or a large bucket of dry sand, which is a cheap and effective extinguisher.
  • Never charge inside an automobile even when parked.
  • KEEP BATTERIES AWAY from children and pets at ALL times.
  • Never discharge below 3.5V per cell as it may cause permanent damage and void the warranty
  • The battery may explode if damaged or disposed of in fire
  • Never leave batteries inside a car on a hot day or any other place where the temperature may exceed 140F / 60C.
  • Although environmentally friendly, lithium polymer cells must be FULLY discharged before disposal. Use a resistor setup (light bulbs, for example) to accomplish this, to avoid the possibility of a short-induced fire after disposal.
  • Immediately discharge damaged batteries at 1/2 C rate and dispose
  • Do not put the loose cells in a pocket, bag, or drawer where they could short-circuit against other items, or the battery tabs could be pressed against each other.
  • Take care that the cells are not punctured, especially by metallic objects like hobby knives.
  • If the electrolyte in the cells should get on your skin, thoroughly wash with soap and water. If in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Immediately seek medical attention for this, or for burns.