• $1,285.00


Welcome to the world of DJI FPV

DJI created a world of Adventure, Explore, Passion and Speed and here is why they brought us the new DJI FPV Drone.

This is a new evolution for FPV Drone and with DJI FPV Drone you can be a:

Aerial Filmmaker

  • Powerful Image Performance, Longer Flight Duration, Safety Intelligent Battery, Visual Obstacle Avoidance, Multiple Positioning Function, Integrated Design, Return To Home, Aircraft Locating Features

Extreme Flyer (FreeStyle/Racing)

  • Powerful Aircraft Dynamic, Higher Maneuverability, Low Latency Graphic Transmission, FPV View, Modular Design


    With DJI FPV Drone you can take the first step without any fear by:
    • Connect your Goggles and Remote Controller to this superb Flight Simulator App on your phone and start your practice before flying a real drone
    • Provide step by step lessons for user to familiar with operation and what drone can do
    • Super innovative way invented by DJI to control your FPV Drone just like playing VR games from your game console
    • One button start/landing, Emergency Brakes Button to prevent crash, Direction Control by hand, super easy to fly your Drone (Only available under Normal Mode)

    Advanced Flyer

    Quality Pre-Built FPV Drone

    • Throw away the complicated assembly/soldering process
    • Strong and Quality drone with stylish design
    • Cool and Sci-Fi power-on sound

    Easy Replacement Parts

    • High Definition 1440x810p Screen Resolution with 144Hz Refresh Rate brings you a clear world
    • Intelligent Battery bring you nearly 2 hours of use time
    • Compatible with DJI Air Unit (Custom HD Drone)
    • Scroll wheel to adjust camera angle
    • Emergency Brakes Button save you from crashing
    • Auto Return To Home when out of range
    • Switch between Normal/Sport/Manual Mode to suit your needs

    Manual Mode Unlock

    • Enjoy freedom of flying by unlocking Manual Mode
    • Enjoy Freestyle and Racing speed experience


    DJI Care Refresh (DJI FPV)

    We recommended DJI Care Refresh as a comprehensive protection for your DJI FPV Drone, here is the link to purchase: DJI Care Refresh Plan For DJI FPV

    *Please note that DJI Care Refresh only apply to Brand New and Un-Activated Drone or Activated within last 48 hours


    Takeoff Weight 795g approx
    Dimensions With props: 255 x 312 x 127mm.
    Without props: 178 x 232 x 127 mm.
    Max Speed M Mode: 39 m/s
    S Mode: 27 m/s
    N Mode: 15 m/s
    Max Acceleration  0-100 kph in 2 seconds (in M Mode)
    Max Flight Time Up to 20 mins approx
    Camera Sensor 12MP, 1/2.3" CMOS
    FOV 150°
    Video Resolution 4K: 3840 x 2160 at 50/60fps:
    FHD: 1920 x 1080 at 50/60/100/120fps
    Max Video Bitrate (camera) 120 Mbps
    Video Transmission 6km (CE); 10km (FCC)
    DJI FPV Goggles V2
    Weight 420g approx (headband and antennas included)
    Live View Mode Low-latency Mode: 810p/120fps - less than 28ms*;
    High-quality Mode: 810p/60fps - less than 40ms*.
    A 150° FOV is available when shooting at 50 or 100fps. The FOV will be 142° at other frame rates.
    Max Video Bitrate 50 Mbps
    DJI FPV Goggles Battery Approx 110 minutes
    DJI Remote Controller
    Weight 346g
    Battery Life 9 hours approx