DarwinFPV BabyApe Ⅱ 3.5 Inch Freestyle 4S FPV Analog Drone ELRS

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DarwinFPV BabyApe Ⅱ 3.5 Inch Freestyle 4S FPV Analog Drone BNF ELRS

DarwinFPV has always been committed to designing cost-effective fpv drone. We humbly accept feedback from pilots, solve the problems that pilots are most concerned about, and bring better products to everyone who uses it. Adhering to these beliefs, DarwinFPV brings BabyApe Ⅱ.

BabyApe Ⅱ is a 3.5-inch small freestyle fpv drone with a take-off weight of less than 250g that fulfills most countries' regulations. Compared with the first generation of BabyApe, BabyApe  has a more powerful configuration, adopts a more reliable manufacturing process and a new power system, and has a higher level of performance, durability and power. The flight time can reach 13 minutes, the flight distance is 1.5 kilometers, and the maximum speed is up to 92km/h.

 If you are a beginner in fpv drone with limited budget, then we highly recommend BabyApe . It not only continues the classics of the first generation of BabyApe, but also upgrades to a higher configuration, and the price has not increased much. It is still the best choice for beginners within a reasonable budget.



  • Compared with similar products of other brands, BabyApe Ⅱ sells with lower price, which once again perfectly reflects the super high cost performance;
  • It comes with 1504 motors and 3.5-inch propellers, the power is more stronger and the response speed is faster;
  • The camera and stack are protected by glue potting, which effectively prevents the risk of damage due to contact with metal particles, fine sand, gravel, weeds or dew, and the entire electronic system is more reliable and durable;
  • The addition of a buzzer and extra LED lights is extremely beneficial for beginners, who frequently confront circumstances such as over discharge the battery and locating drones due to mistakes that lead the drone to crash;
  • Analog/digital multi-version VTX systems are available for you to choose;
  • The independent action camera base can be used with naked gopro, thumb camera, etc. to record amazing  images during flight at 4K/60 frames.



  • Brand: DarwinFPV
  • Model: BabyApe 
  • Frame: Wide X
  • Wheelbase: 156mm
  • Size: 126mm *150mm *50mm
  • Flight Control: F411  MPU6500  AT7456E
  • Reserved port: 1x SBUS(RX1 reverse), 2x Uarts(1,2), 2x Softserial, 1x I2C, 1x RGB, 1x Buzzer, 1x USER(A15), 1x USB
  • ESC: Bluejay 48KHz 3-6S 30A


Camera and VTX

  • Analog Version: DarwinFPV “Cement" fully waterproof camera + 600mW analog VTX
  • Motor: 4S version (1504-3600KV) / 6S version (1504-2300KV)
  • Propeller: HQProp T3.5x2x3GR-PC
  • Recommended battery: LiPo 4S 650mAh-850mAh / LiPo 6S 500mAh-650mAh
  • Weight: 135.4 g (analog version)
  • Weight:224.4 g(analog version + 4 S 850mAh battery)


Packing list

  • 1x BabyApe II Freestyle FPV Drone BNF ELRS 2.4G
  • 4x HQProp T3.5x2x3GR-PC propeller (2cw+2ccw)
  • 2x Battery cable strip ( 10x170mm
  • 2x EVA shock pad(thickness:10㎜)
  • 1x Spare screws bag
  • 1x Sticker
  • 1x Manual