GEPRC RAD VTX 5.8G 25-200-600-1600W FPV FreeStyle Racing Drone Video Transmitter

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GEPRC RAD VTX 5.8G 25-200-600-1600W FPV FreeStyle Racing Drone Video Transmitter

I’m glad to introduce the newly developed RAD VTX 1.6W by GEPRC. It is a super-power VTX with a maximum power of  1600MW and five adjustable gears: Pit/25mW/200mW/600mW/1600mW is adopted. The RAD adopts a double-layer PCB  design to separate the power supply from the main-board, which can reduce and shield interference. Double layer structure for better heat dissipation. The built-in microphone on the VTX board, supports 7-36V voltage(2-8S Battery) input,  uses the mainstream MMCX connector, and the mounting hole is 30.5×30.5mm.



  1. 1600mW Super power ,Suitable for Long Range flight with good stability.
  2. Five power channel: PIT mode/25mW/200mW/600mW/1600mW.
  3. Two-layer board cooling structure,Separate power BEC and main-Board,Reducing and shielding from the insinal interference.
  4. Temperature control protection function that can prevent high temperature burning
  5. Wide voltage input, Supports 7V-36V Voltage input.
  6. VTX control protocol is IRC Tramp,supports OSD parameter adjustment.
  7. VTX built in microphone,Real-time transmission of Drone’s sounds.
  8. Has 3 regional frequency tables to meet the needs of various regions.
  9. Two function buttons, three indicator lights, easy to control.
  10. Mounting hole is 30.5mmx30.5mm.


  • Model: GEPRC RAD VTX 5.8G 1.6W
  • Input voltage: DC 7-36V(2-8S Battery)
  • Output: 5V@600mA(power 5V to Camera)
  • Input impedance: 75Ω
  • Protocol: IRC Tramp
  • Antenna interface: MMCX
  • Output power: PIT mode/25mW/200mW/600mW/1600mW PIT MODE
  • Frequency tables: Universal frequency table(40CH),American FCC frequency table(37CH),European EU frequency table(26CH)
  • Video format: PAL / NTSC
  • Microphone: Built in microphone
  • Size: 36×36.5×5.5mm
  • Weight: 9.7g(without cable)
  • Mounting hole: 30X30mm(M3)



  1. Install Antenna before use.
  2. To prevent overheating,provide constant airflow and a well ventilated environment.Install a cooling fan if operating in confined conditions.
  3. The 5V Output is for a Camera/Cooling Fan use only!Do not connect Power Input/Battery to 5V Out. Serious damage will occur to VTX.


Connector definition description:

  • DC 7-36V: Input 2-8s Battery power
  • GND: Common ground wire
  • Video: connect to the video output port of FC or Camera
  • IRC: Connect to UART TX port of FC
  • 5V OUT: output 5V power to the Camera
  • GND: Common ground wire


Description of button and indicator light:

  • Two function button are parallel in the VTX circuit, and the operation and function are the same
  • Blue light: Ch indicator
  • Green light: Band indicator
  • Red light: Power indicator



  • 1x GEPRC RAD VTX 5G8 1.6W
  • 1x 72mm MMCX Copper tube antenna
  • 1x GH 1.25*6P 150mm Connecting cable
  • 1x MMCX to SMA(Internal foramen)connector
  • 1x Matching screw package