Matek F405 WING V2 Flight Controller Glider Fixed Wing 30.5x30.5mm

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Matek F405 WING V2 Flight Controller Glider Fixed Wing 30.5x30.5mm

FC Specifications

  • MCU: STM32F405RGT6, 168MHz , 1MB Flash
  • IMU: ICM42688-P
  • Baro: DPS310
  • OSD: AT7456E
  • Blackbox: MicroSD card slot
  • 6x UARTs,  1x Softserial_Tx option(INAV)
  • 10x PWM outputs
  • 2x I2C
  • 3x ADC (VBAT, Current, RSSI)
  • Built in inverter for SBUS input
  • USB Type-C(USB2.0)

FC Firmware

  • ArduPilot: MatekF405-Wing (ArduPlane 4.4 or newer)
  • INAV: MATEKF405SE (INAV 6.0 or newer)


  • Input voltage range: 9~30V (3~6S LiPo) w/TVS protection
  • Current Senor: 220A,  3.3V ADC  (INAV scale 150,  ArduPilot 66.7A/V)
  • Sense resistor: 100A continuous, 220A peak
  • Battery Voltage divider 1K:10K (Scale 1100 in INAV,  BATT_VOLT_MULT 11.0 in ArduPilot)

BEC 5V output

  • Designed for Flight controller, Receiver, OSD, Camera, Buzzer, 2812 LED_Strip, Buzzer, GPS module, AirSpeed
  • Continuous current: 2 Amps

BEC 9V /12V output

  • Designed for Video Transmitter, Camera, Gimbal ect.
  • Continuous current: 2 Amps
  • 12V option with Jumper pad
  • for stable 9V/12V output, input voltage should > output voltage +1V

BEC Vx output

  • Designed for Servos
  • Voltage adjustable, 5V Default, 6V or 7.2V options
  • Continuous current: 5 Amps,  6A Peak
  • for stable Vx output, input voltage should > Vx voltage +1V

BEC 3.3V output

  • Designed for external 3.3V peripherals
  • Linear Regulator
  • Continuous current: 200mA


  • Mounting: 30.5 x 30.5mm, Φ4mm with Grommets Φ3mm
  • Dimensions: 54 x 36 x 13 mm
  • Weight: 25g


  • 1x F405-Wing-V2
  • 1x 20cm JST-GH-4P to JST-GH-4P cable for I2C port
  • Dupont 2.54 pins  (Board is shipped unsoldered)