Why DJI FPV Drone

DJI FPV Drone vs Custom FPV Drone

Why we choose DJI FPV Drone rather than Custom FPV Drone? Let's break into 3 parts - Drones, Controller and the Goggles.



  • UNIQUE FPV Drone Look for FPV Racing or Film Making purpose
  • COMPLETELY Build Performance & Reliability FPV Drone without Parts and Soldering Skill
  • EASY Configure Setting without BetaFlight Knowledge
  • INTELLIGENT Battery without Charging/Discharging Skill and provide maximum 20 Minutes Flying Time
  • SPEED Up To 140km/h and 0-100km/h in 2 seconds
  • UNLOCK Manual Mode to unleash power
  • CHANGE Pitch of Camera from Remote Controller Scroll Wheel
  • FLY in Normal or Sport Mode just like other DJI Drone
  • SWITCH from Manual to Normal Mode anytime from Remote Controller for Safety Reason
  • CRUISE Control to maintain flying speed
  • 4K 60fps/1080P 120fps Camera
  • ULTRA WIDE 150 Degree Lens (450 Degree on 50 or 100 fps) (142 Degree on 4K/60fps)
  • GOOD & Smooth Footage Stabilization System
  • DVR Support Video Record on Drone & Goggles for Backup Purpose if something happen to Drone
  • Health Management System (HMS) auto scan and keep track on damage or broken parts for easy parts replacement


Remote Controller

Standard Controller 2

  • NEW Design Remote, Small & Compact
  • SCROLL WHEEL for Pitch of Camera
  • FLIGHT SIMULATOR APP - Connect to Smart Phone for FPV Simulator Training before flying real drone with Goggles on


Motion Controller

  • ONE-HAND operate FPV Drone
  • MOTION Control on Drone, New & Fun Experience to Fly a Drone
  • ONLY on Normal or Sport Mode (not available on Manual Mode)


Goggles V2

  • CRYSTAL Clear Live View with 1080P & 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • RELIABLE Low Latency Long Range HD Signal Connection


DJI Care Refresh (DJI FPV)

  • AU$ 319 for 1 Year Plan (DJI FPV)
  • Apply to Brand new and Un-Activated Drone or Activated within last 48 hours
  • Offer 2 Replacements (brand new or equivalent to brand new) with small additional cost within 1 Year
    • AU$ 419 for 1st replacement
    • AU$ 469 for 2nd replacement
  • Accident Damage is covered by replacement service (collisions, water damage etc)
  • Free Shipping for Sent and Return on faulty drone
  • Exclusive Service Channel for any online chat or call support

We STRONGLY recommended to get the DJI Care Refresh Plan for your DJI FPV Drone (https://store.dji.com/au/product/dji-care-refresh-dji-fpv).