2-6S XT60 Lipo Parallel Charging Board

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2-6S XT60 Lipo Parallel Charging Board

Product Specifications:

Supports commonly used balance chargers on the market (such as IMAX B6, B8, UN-A6, Hi-Bowang, etc.).

Capable of parallel balance charging for 2-6S battery packs with the same cell count and type. It can simultaneously support 6 sets of 2S, 6 sets of 3S, 6 sets of 4S, 6 sets of 5S, or 6 sets of 6S batteries for parallel balance charging.

Superb short-circuit protection function (equipped with a 40A fuse on the top for safer charging).

Powerful expansion capability (can parallelly connect three charging boards, allowing simultaneous balance charging for 18 battery packs). It is the ideal choice for RC hobbyists.


  1. Balance output wires are made of 20AWG multi-strand silicone wires.
  2. Main input wire is made of 14AWG soft silicone wire (400 strands, withstands high temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius).
  3. Equipped with a protective T-plug silicone cap.
  4. Features high-quality XT60 connectors.
  5. Thicker PCB copper foil (1.6mm FR-4 board with 20Z copper thickness) can safely handle currents up to 40A


Package Included:

  • 1x XT60 Parallel Charging Board with XT60 Female Connector
  • 1x Balance Port Cable


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