HEE WING T1 Ranger PNP VTOL Conversion Kit

  • $123.00

HEE WING T1 Ranger PNP VTOL Conversion Kit

New Updated Version *09th Nov 2023 Updated Tilt Servo. Lighter weight Updated Motor Wires to new version of silicone wires for longevity Banana connectors are now pre-soldered on the rear motor wires


The original metal case tilt servo has been replaced with a plastic case, while retaining the all metal gears inside. This results in a lighter overall weight.


  • Brand Name: HEE WING
  • Item Name: T1 Ranger PNP-VTOL Conversion Kit

Contents of the Conversion Kit:

  • 2x Tilt Servo
  • 3x Motor FX-1806-2000kv
  • Wing tilting mounts (1x left + 1x right)
  • 1x Carbon Tail Boom
  • 1x Rear Motor Mount
  • 1x FX-20A ESC for Rear Motor
  • 2 pairs Gemfan 5126 props
  • 33x M2*4 Glue patch Countersunk head screw
  • 9x M2*8 prop fixing screw

Requires Your Own:

  • Hee Wing T1 Ranger PNP
  • Flight Controller running Ardupilot or VTOL capable

Firmware & Parameters

* paramaters are tuned for Hee Wing T1 PNP only, use on other models at your own risk.

* for SN-Fast, only the chinese version is available.