RadioMaster 21700 5000mAh Battery TX16s TX12 Boxer [DG]

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RadioMaster 21700 5000mAh Battery TX16s TX12 Boxer

The RadioMaster 5000mAh 2s Li-ion battery pack is the perfect battery for your Radiomaster TX16S. Offering longer run times and safer use when compared to Li-poly batteries. Li-ion batteries typically offer higher energy density and are well suited to lower current draw applications. The RadioMaster 5000mAh battery pack coupled with the internal charging capabilities of the TX16S offers convenience and peace of mind charging for hours of flying enjoyment. Our battery includes an XT30 output plug that is the ideal length for use with external modules such as the TBS Crossfire.



  • Item: 21700 5000mAh Battery 
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Watt Hours: 37wh
  • Voltage: 7.4V
  • Cells: 2 x 21700 Li-ion 3.7V 18.5Wh
  • Connector: JST-XH and XT30
  • Charge current: Max 2amp
  • Weight: 155g


Package Contents

  • 1x 21700 5000mAh Battery for TX16s Mark II


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