SUNLU FilaDryer S4

  • $152.00

SUNLU FilaDryer S4

With four spool slots, fast and simultaneous heating and automatic humidity control, the FilaDryer S4 from Sunlu keeps sensitive filaments dry and protects them from moisture.

Large capacity

The FilaDryer S4 has an internal size of 450 x 210 x 211 mm and offers space for 4 x 1 kg filament spools (with a max. spool dimension of 75 x 206 mm).

Intelligent PTC heating element

A 330-watt PTC heating element reaches a temperature of 50 °C in half an hour. The maximum heating temperature is 70 °C.

Triple security protection

An integrated triple safety protection helps monitor the temperature in real-time and warns of any anomalies:

► At abnormal temperatures the PTC element stops heating,

► A two-stage safety switch for temperature control interrupts the circuit as soon as the temperature reaches too high a value,

► Software protection warns of other abnormal occurrences.

Dynamic temperature compensation

The FilaDryer S4 has an integrated triple fan system (two circulation fans + one heating fan) that ensures that the heat inside the dryer is dynamically adjusted or the temperature is balanced to ±3 ℃ in order to dry the filaments evenly.

Automatic humidity control

In order to better meet the requirements of different types of materials, the humidity in the dryer can be adjusted as needed:

  • When the humidity reaches the preset value (30%-50%), the box automatically starts drying,
  • If the humidity drops to 25%, drying stops.

Wide compatibility

The FilaDryer S4 is compatible with most 3D printers and supports the simultaneous use of four devices.

Tip: Filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm, 2.85 mm and 3.0 mm are supported.


  • 1 x FilaDryer S4
  • 1 x power cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 2 x Teflon hose (100 cm)
  • 4 x Teflon hose (8 cm)

Technical specifications:

Heating temperature 70°C
Filament capacity 4 x 1 kg spool
Supported filaments PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PA, PC
Heating element PTC with 3 fans
Heating time (25–50 °C) 30 min
Heating time (25–70 °C) 50 min
Device display Touch screen
Operating status display LED ring light
Filament outputs 8th
Device size 458x218x312mm
Device weight 5.5kg
Input voltage AC110V-240V 50-60Hz
Rated power 320W